Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glenn Beck plays with magnets, mentions the ISO

In a segment airing on September 28th on his Fox News channel show, Glenn Beck broke out his chalkboards to play with a bunch of magnets. Attempting to paint all leftist organizations that would be attending Saturday's One Nation Working Together rally as a giant web of "evil," largely funded by George Soros and ideologically represented by Van Jones, he weaves his way through glib stock phrases while slapping up logo-magnets of groups like Planned Parenthood and the National Council of La Raza among pictures of Jeremiah Wright and Howard Dean.

Eventually he arrives at the ISO: "Now, here's a great one--the International Socialist Organization. They say socialism is not only possible, it's worth fighting for." He even features some of the ISO's tenets on a fancy Fox News telescreen.

Beck manages to conflate a number of groups, representing many specific ideologies with nuanced differences, as one large, organized mass of froth that's out to get your children. He also reduces a complex legacy of Marxist thought into a muddy slop, saying that "Marxism is evil, and the only thing it has contributed to the history of mankind is mass graves."

But a broken clock is right twice a day, and so sometimes his whining carries some truth: "All of these groups...want nothing short of fundamental transformation of America."

The ISO shout-out begins around 6:20.


  1. This video is no longer available - pulled by FOX

  2. unfortunately it will have to live on in memories.

    and in this viral photo: